About Event:

There is no one-size-fits all bioeconomy, but several bioeconomies based on their own strengths. That is one of the key reasons we will be heading to Brazil for the World BioEconomy Forum 2021. The Forum will be held in Belém, the capital of the state of Pará. The location is at the mouth of the Amazon River – again at the heart of a particularly important ecosystem. The World BioEconomy Forum would like to present Belém and the state of Pará as a real hot spot of the circular bioeconomy in 2021, and share its narrative with the global circular bioeconomy society. Walking the talk – we can learn from Brazil and the Amazon region at the same time as sharing our lessons from the other parts of the world.

The Forum is co-hosted by the state of Pará with partners the Brazilian Agribusiness Association (ABAG) and The Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá). Together we will offer an unmissable event.
To jump into the themes of the event, take a look at the video below to hear what was said about the bioeconomy and the Amazon at our latest Roundtable

Date and Time:

18 Oct 2021-20 Oct 2021 ,
10:00 am-06:30 am