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is one of the fastest-growing networking platforms in the world that has successfully connected businesspersons from different countries and sectors on one platform.
Jitendra Joshi and the Founder and Global President of Global India Business Forum - GIBF

Dr. Jitendra Joshi

and the Founder and Global President of Global India Business Forum (GIBF)
GIBF brings together business professionals from various segments, particularly Indian Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (


s), under one roof and provides them a platform to expand their businesses globally. The main objective of GIBF is to provide the untapped opportunities to MSMEs in more than 150 countries and at the same time creating jobs for the youth.
GIBF was founded in 2016 to promote such initiatives. It was inaugurated with the vision to support MSMEs, by the Honorable

Governor of Rajasthan


shri kalraj Mishra

, who was the Cabinet Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises then. This platform is not only for MSMEs in India but for those across the world with India as the prime focus
GIBF is a one stop center for all business development activities and it is confident of opening up potentially important markets as well as great business avenues for its members.

Why Choose GIBF ?

There are several compelling reasons to choose the Global Indian Business Forum (GIBF) as

India largest global business network

platform. GIBF boasts an extensive and diverse network of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and

industry experts

from across the globe. This expansive network provides an invaluable opportunity to connect with potential partners, clients, and collaborators on an international scale.Its rapid growth demonstrates its effectiveness in bridging international business connections. GIBF places a strong emphasis on supporting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).
GIBF is aligned with the Indian

Government's initiatives

such as "

Make in India

" and "

Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

," which can be advantageous for businesses looking to leverage these

government driven programs


GIBF has a proven track record of

connecting business

and facilitating collaborations. GIBF's mission to create

job opportunities

for the

youth reflects

its commitment to economic growth and development, which can benefit both businesses and the community.
By connecting with GIBF, you gain access to potentially untapped business opportunities in over 250 countries. This can help diversify your business and reduce dependence on a single market.
We at GIBF bridge the gap between demand for opportunities and their supply by conducting




. These webinars and conferences shall help



Consul Generals

of various countries shed light on several

business opportunities

their countries have in store for foreign investors. They will also help


identify business opportunities that best suit them and we shall help them come together on our platform.
GIBF consists of members from all fields of business, industry, academics and other professions without any segment boundaries. GIBF has its head office in Delhi, corporate office in Pune, India and global offices in Dubai, USA, UK, Singapore and China. It also has a presence at Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Cuttack in India.
We have branches in all the metro cities of India. We conducted 150 plus national and international trade fairs and seminars.
It is an excellent platform to promote Trade Fairs from across the globe, where you are guided with the best Trade Fairs to participate in, to broaden your business horizons. You can register for such Trade Fairs through GIBF. Here you are facilitated with the most viable National and

International Tenders

for larger projects, contracts and procurement.
GIBF is one of the most useful tools when it comes to cultivating critical, lucrative business opportunities, since it has a high concentration of business decision makers. Many

eminent personalities

connected with us. Cultural activities,

student connect programme


country connect programme

, and etc. bring together different minds with a common purpose.
GIBF aims to form a

Global Business Community


large scale international networking

GIBF is a big umbrella under which the GIBF management started Business and Cultural Councils with 75 countries because we believe business and culture go hand-in-hand. GIBF feels that there are immense

business opportunities

in every country and GIBF wants to tap those unexplored business opportunities.

Business and Cultural Councils

are important collaborations to propel

bilateral trade


cultural exchange

while elevating the economies of the countries involved.
Handshake Relationships

Sector-wise Forums

GIBF is the only forum that has segregated various sectors and established forums like -
Today, GIBF is one of the fastest growing networking platforms in the world that has successfully connected businesspersons from different countries and sectors on one platform and is raring to go for more.
We value

holistic growth


humanistic diversity

and are committed to Professionalism, Excellence, Community Involvement, Accountability and Timely Progress with Ethical Value.
With Indian Government`s initiatives such as “Make in India", “

Skill Development

” and “Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (Self-Reliant India Mission)” there are ample opportunities for both Indian and Global companies to run start-ups and make exponential growth in all business sectors. These initiatives also provide a golden opportunity for Indian MSMEs to promote themselves and show their true potential to grow and flourish. GIBF promotes such initiatives.
We are connected with embassies of 150 countries, have our presence in six countries, have 7000 plus

corporate members

, 97000 plus business associate members, 350 pus business groups on social media platforms, 350 plus tie-ups with trade

business associations

GIBF knows the value of appreciation and hence,

Award Ceremonies

are organized at International, National and State level to recognize and appreciate successful brands, business leaders and young entrepreneurs.
The forum provides help, representation and guidance to companies or entrepreneurs in matters involving Government Authorities and Agencies.
It is the first Chamber of Commerce that operates at the global level and acts as a catalyst to elevate the world economy. GIBF acts as a bridge between Business Associations by providing them with a common platform.

GIBF Strengths

Global India Business Forum Strengths
Country Embassy logo
We have successfully connected with 150 plus country


We have 90,000 plus associate members from 117 different countries Over 350 Associations are connected with us
Associate Membership logo
We have successfully facilitated 10 plus million $ businesses We have successfully conducted 150+ national and 50+

international trade fairs







and seminars
Delegation logo We have 2500+ experts connected to our platform We have taken business delegates from India to different countries and have also handled delegates from other countries to India.


The Business Tycoons

book logo Various ‘

Success Stories

’ are acknowledged and appreciated by the forum in a

special edition

of its

e magazine

, The Business Tycoons and on

digital media platforms

. The magazine also publishes

interviews of ambassadors

from different countries, sector-wise and country-wise editions.
Book Magazine logo It is a lucrative platform to promote businesses by reaching out to over 50 million businesspersons and professionals globally. The e-magazine has a subscription of 1.5 crore.
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