About Event:

he Farming Expo 2021 provides an excellent opportunity for the farming sector stake holders to meet each other and fulfill their respective requirements Farming Expo 2021 will bring together the best agriculture technologies, tools and machinery, seeds and fertilizers, farming paces, pest control methods, farmer safety equipment and practices, storage and packaging technologies, and allied industry on to one platform. Starting Operation in the year 2013, Media Day Marketing is a leading business exhibition company, which conducts B2B exhibitions and Conferences, with a competitive edge across Indian market. Agriculture has been the backbone of the Indian economy since ages. With many rivers crisscrossing the Indian sunbonnet , The land in India provided a very good ground for agriculture and stood to be the land of one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Being one of the most densely populated countries of the world, India's share in agriculture production is also high and this sector contributes to about 18% of the GDP. India stands to be among the top 10 agriculture exporter in the world and more than 50% of its work force has been directly or indirectly involved the agriculture sector.

Date and Time:

11 Jun 2021-13 Jun 2021 ,
04:00 am-05:30 am