About Event:

The knowledge economy of the 21st century, innovation and intellectual property are prerequisites for business survival and growth. This has led to increasing awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in various countries of the world including underdeveloped and developing countries like Chile and South Africa. China, with a focused approach on IPR, has been one of the top international patent filers in the last few years. In China, the share of domestic companies in patent filing is around 70%. Chinese Government is encouraging SMEs to file patents abroad. In this current situation of Covid 19, world over a lot of research is going on for the vaccine, drugs and other products which can be used for fighting the virus. India is no exception to this trend. There is no dearth of inventive talent in India. However, Indian inventors are not able to enjoy the fruits of their inventions, due to misunderstandings and inadequate knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights especially Patents. Small and medium enterprises are the backbone of every country’s economy. IP affects various business aspects and competitive and growth strategy. A lot of research is conducted in this sector which goes unprotected. Also, Business Standard (August 5, 2013) reported that Indian SMEs are losing millions of revenue due to lack of awareness about IPR. The Government of India is aware of the situation and has unveiled a new IPR policy in 2016. This policy focuses on creating awareness about IPR, creation, promotion and protection in the country and encouraging MSMEs and SMEs for generating IP. This workshop is in tune with the Government initiative.

Date and Time:

30 July 2020-01 Aug 2020 ,
04:00 am-05:30 am