About Event:

Global India Business Forum (GIBF) hosted an International Business Seminar - Trade Beyond West . GIBF is an enormous platform for global connectivity and recognition among business professionals across various segments for large scale international networking. GIBF provides excellent facilities to its associates and helps them to reach new heights in the business world. The Seminar was focused on Trends and Prospects for Trade opportunities, Investment opportunities and Advantages, Business Culture, Government policies, and the major Imports-Exports or Investments in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Iran from India. It was GIBF’s great pleasure to attend the Mr Naseem Sharif- Consulate general of Afghanistan, Mr A M Alikhani- Consulate general of Iran and Mr Demeke Atnafu Ambul- Consulate General of Ethiopia as a panellist in the Global India Business Forum (GIBF) Interactive International Business seminar- Trade Beyond West .

Date and Time:

21 Sep 2019-21 Sep 2019 ,
04:00 am-05:30 am