World Sikh Chamber of Commerce

The World Sikh Chamber of Commerce (WSCC) is a

non profit organization

comprising of a

cross section

of Sikh Entrepreneurs, professionals,

business owners

and youth start-up entrepreneurs world-wide.

established in 2020

with a

vision to bring together


businesses and professionals

in the

spirit of an enterprise

, our goal is to

provide a forum


efficient and effective

business networking


promote entrepreneurship

within the community and assist other Sikh professionals in the continued growth of their

businesses and professional careers

along with their contribution towards

nation building

. It is the first

hybrid networking

(right mix of Online & Offline) platform for Sikh Professionals world-wide which has evolved with changing times. The

wscc community

is a vital link to the network of

small and medium sized enterprises

that are the

backbone of all economies

, in

developed and developing countries

For Details Please Contact -
Tiger Building 1565, Church Road, K. Gate, Delhi-110006, India Website:-