Europe India Chamber of Commerce

The foundation of the Europe India Chamber of Commerce (EICC) was laid on 4th. October 2004 during the GOPIO Conference on “

trade and investment





business networking

”. More than 220 participants from 24 countries attended the Conference in




idea of setting up an institution

. The Conference was covered by News and Media and the following News collection speaks of the

broad resolution

of the EICC.


Belgium Conferene

4 th october 2004



EICC collaboration

. Founded on 4 October 2004 the EICC is the funded

premier non profit

, privately

non government organization

which serves as the

key liaising body

representing the views of both

european and indian business

and enterprises having business interest in their respective countries. As the voice of business, the

chamber's core objective

is to advocate for free and enterprise with

european parliament


european commission


regulatory bodies

such as


, and governments around the EU countries, and in India. The


promotes the interests of its member’s businesses while cooperatively working to establish an environment and economic climate for success in the business community in EU and India. The EICC provides platform for

profitable interaction

between the

european and indian business communities

to enhance

trade and commerce

in their respective countries. In doing so, the EICC directs its energy in assisting

indian inbound investments

into Europe, and


on this experience by assisting

european organizations

through the various networks which have been built in India. Currently the EICC is the only chamber of its kind at the apex level to the existing

bi lateral chambers

across Europe. The EICC, with the support of its

satellite offices

in Spain, the Netherlands and Italy liaises with local/

bilateral chamber of commerce

to promote our

member's interest

. From its headquarters in Brussels, the Chamber maintains a team of experts to help drive and to meet.
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