All India Organic Farmers society

AIOFS is a

leading organization


organic farming and good agriculture practice area

. After the

constitution of the organization

(AIOFS) in 2007, AIOFS has trained more than 10,000 farmers. AIOFS is


under the

societies act of 1860

. The establishment of the All India Organic Farmers Society (AIOFS) was done for the

promotion and practices


organic farming

but during the process, it was observed that most the farmers did not come forward and are not adopting organic farming then it was thought over and decided that we at AIOFS should keep interacting with the farmers for

organic farming practices

and the farmers who do

not cooperate

due to one or the other reason would be clarified and

education training

would be provided. We educated such farmers on implementing

INMIPM techniques

and the latest

techniques of water and soil management

. The idea behind this was that at least we could manage the farmers to minimize the use of

chemical fertilizer and pesticides

. Hence it was principally made the

objective and task of aiofs

that we

extensively promoted

the implementation of INMIPM techniques and also

promotion of latest water saving techniques


drip sprinkler

along with Organic Farming. This practice made AIOFS more and more-rich in attaining the experience of convincing the farmers for

balanced and minimum use of fertilizer and pesticides

as this is the

foundation step


organic agriculture

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