Tie Ups

Gokul Shirgaon Manufacture Association

Global India Business Forum has signed an MoU with Gokul Shirgaon Manufacturers Association as a link of friendship and mutual interest in establishing and enhancing activities of common objectivities. This tie-up came in effect to co-operate and benefit both the parties from their networks, customers, systems, techniques and expertise for the purpose of enhancing customers’ experience. The tie-up is strictly a non-financial co-operation. With this tie-up, GIBF and Gokul Shirgaon Manufacturers Association will work together on a common goal with mutual understanding in possible areas of work. The tie-up will help both the parties to strengthen their strength and help in establishing a sustainable environment in future operations with mutual understanding and possible co-operation

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Plot No P 35, Goshima Building, M I D C Industrial Estate, Gokulshirgaon, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 41623
Website:- https://www.facebook.com/Gokul-Shirgaon-Manufacturing-Association-295716297910903/