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Cuban Delegation Explores Business Opportunities in Delhi: Focusing on Steel, EVs, Batteries, and Solar Modules
New Delhi, August 7, 2023 – The Global India Business Forum (GIBF) played host to a distinguished delegation from Cuba on the 7th of August at their Delhi office. The primary objective of this significant event was to facilitate a productive dialogue on various business opportunities, particularly in the domains of trade and investment, between India and Cuba.
The delegation from Cuba was led by Mr. Idalberto Perez Cabrera, the Director General of Industrial Management at the Ministry of Industry (MINDUS). His presence underscored the Cuban government's commitment to fostering international collaborations for economic growth. The delegation also included prominent figures from key Cuban enterprises, namely:
Mr. Edel Gomez Gomez, Director General (Head of the Company), Electronic Industry Enterprise Mr. Eraldo Gonzalez Arias, Director General (Head of the Company), ACINOX (Steel Production Enterprise)

Mrs. Yaritza Milagro Noa Mora, Deputy Director General, Electronic Industry Enterprise Mr. Yosbany Reyna Licea, Business Manager, ACINOX (Steel Production Enterprise) The discussions centered around several critical sectors with potential for bilateral cooperation, including steel production, electric vehicles (EVs), batteries, and solar modules. These sectors hold significant promise for both nations, as they align with their respective economic and environmental goals.

Key Focus Areas:

Steel Production: ACINOX, a major Cuban steel production enterprise, seeks to explore partnerships and technology collaborations within India's robust steel industry. The exchange of expertise and resources in this sector has the potential to enhance infrastructure development and support industrial growth in both countries.
Electric Vehicles (EVs): The emergence of electric mobility presents a unique opportunity for Cuba and India to collaborate on the development and adoption of EV technologies. As nations committed to sustainable transportation solutions, the delegation engaged in discussions to foster knowledge sharing and explore avenues for joint ventures.
Batteries: The advancement of battery technologies is crucial for both energy storage and electric mobility. Collaborative efforts in battery research, development, and production could drive innovation, reduce costs, and contribute to the transition towards cleaner energy sources.
Solar Modules: With a shared focus on renewable energy, the dialogue also encompassed the solar energy sector. Exploring partnerships in solar module manufacturing, technology transfer, and solar project implementation could accelerate the adoption of solar energy and mitigate the effects of climate change.
Facilitating the coordination from the Cuban Embassy, Mr. Abel, ensured the smooth interaction and communication between the delegation and their Indian counterparts. The engagement between the Cuban delegation and the Global India Business Forum underscores the significance of international cooperation in driving economic growth and sustainable development. As both nations explore avenues for collaboration in these crucial sectors, the event serves as a testament to the potential for fruitful partnerships that could yield substantial benefits for the economies of Cuba and India.

The dialogue between the Cuban delegation and Indian counterparts is expected to pave the way for future collaborations, promote technology transfer, and contribute to the shared vision of a more sustainable and prosperous future.
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Date and Time:

07 Aug 2023
12:00 am-12:00 am

Cuban Delegation Explores Business Opportunities in Delhi
Cuban Delegation Explores Business Opportunities in Delhi
Cuban Delegation Explores Business Opportunities in Delhi
Cuban Delegation Explores Business Opportunities in Delhi