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Business opportunities in Azerbaijan

The Global India Business Forum organized a webinar on Business Opportunities in Azerbaijan on April 17, 2024, as part of its International Webinar Series initiative. Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of India, H.E. Elchin Huseynli was the keynote speaker who shed light on the myriad business opportunities in Azerbaijan and the government’s policies to support foreign investors.
The webinar had business leaders from various sectors who were interested in expanding their businesses in Azerbaijan. GIBF is supporting and trying to explore business opportunities for the MSME sector in different parts of the world. Founder and Global President of GIBF, Dr. Jitendra Joshi delivered the opening note and shared about GIBF’s objective. He introduced the webinar’s purpose and the keynote speaker. Co-founder and Secretary, General Deepali Gadkari was the moderator of the webinar.
H.E. Huseynli spoke about the ease of doing business in Azerbaijan. He shared about the government’s open door policy to attract investments to Azerbaijan. He spoke about the flourishing tourism industry and the hospitality of Azerbaijani people. The ambassador said that there were several Indian companies in Azerbaijan and that there were opportunities in energy sector, education, perfumery products, household appliances, construction materials, food processing, poultry farming, wine-making, growing tea and pulses, computer technology and tourism. He said that Azerbaijan is the favourite tourist destination for Indians.
He said that in the hospitality sector there was zero land tax, zero property tax and zero VAT. Besides, the free economic zone made it possible for companies to avail the production facilities and export their products to UK and other countries.
The webinar concluded with a question and answer session. The attendees queries were satisfactorily addressed by the ambassador.
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Country Connect 2024 - Business opportunities in Azerbaijan