Country Connect 2021

India - Japan Partnership Summit

Indian Chamber of International Business (ICIB) arranged an online webinar event The session focused on partnership between Indian and Japanese companies and government in various sectors like Investment, Manufacturing, services, Hi-Tech and Fintech fields, Infrastructure, etc. Global India Business Forum was a partner in the webinar event. Our very own Dr. Jitendra Joshi Global president was the panelists in the discussion session, topic to showcase decades of development and relations between India and Japan. Different topics highlighted in this India Japan Partnership summit were as follows working with Japanese people and companies in India, importance of partnership and collaboration, Japanese long term approach to industries, detailed information on the incentives that state of Rajasthan is providing to joint ventures industry and manufacturing services to countries, Japanese way of thinking and India Japan relations.
To view webinar click below link-
Country Connect 2021 - India - Japan Partnership Summit