Global India Business Forum held a webinar on New Age Trends in Healthcare Becoming Global Ready with Make in India for Medical Skills. The panelists included eminent personalities in the healthcare sector like Dr. D. Ramyaa (MDS), Prosthodontist and Implantologist of Confi Dental Smilez, Bengaluru and Dr. Kavita Goel, Senior Obstetrician Gynaecology Laparoscopic Surgeon, Jaipur. The webinar was hosted by Dr. Sujata Vaidya, a renowned medical practitioner of Pune. GIBF and the panelists were introduced by Aditya Agrawal.
Apart from her medical profession, Dr. Kavita is also a social worker and has an NGO, People Aspiring for Vibrant Smiles (PAVS), she works for animal welfare and is also spiritually inclined. Dr. Ramyaa is a passionate dancer and loves drawing besides being a dentist.
The experts spoke about health awareness among Indian people, what the medical fraternity faced during the pandemic and how they deal with patients who want to seek second medical opinion nowadays.

The doctors shared that technology plays an important role today in medical treatments as everything has become digital now. Dr. Ramyaa said that nowadays with the help of 3-D image, patients get a fair idea about how things will be post-treatment. The doctors said that people want to get treated fast and medical professionals have to convince them a lot.
About using Make in India for Medical Skills, Dr. Ramyaa said that when she was a student she developed a prototype – Blinking Eye process, to which AI can also be linked. “This can be a boon to many patients who lose their eye,” Dr Ramyaa informed. She is also creating educational videos on dentistry for her patients.
Dr. Kavita shared that she as an Indian she would share compassion, love and care with her patients. “Medical Tourism developed in the last 15 years. Many patients from out of India told me that I am loving and compassionate. They wrote to me. I want to make the country proud not just with technology and medical care but also with a compassionate heart,” she said.

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