The Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) has emerged as one of the most dynamic and front-ranking Chambers in the city of Kolkata. Being born in an environment of National Upsurge, it’s prime objective has been to provide a sense of integrity, secularity and idealism to the business community of Eastern India. The Chamber today is steadily making it’s presence felt across the country and abroad, through well-thought out, meaningful initiatives aimed at taking Indian Industry to a higher growth trajectory. Historically, the Chamber carries with it a legacy of uniting the business community in Kolkata, forming an organisation and raising its voice of concern against all sorts of injustice in the pre–independence days. It played a significant nationalist role at different times of the last 117 years of it’s existence. The Chamber has always been in the forefront of challenges faced and policy-actions taken by the emerging India, championing the cause of indigenous industry as generators of maximum wealth and employment for the millions of people in India. The MCCI started its function in the name of ‘Vaishya Mitra Sabha’, which was renamed as the ‘Merchants’ Committee’ in 1904 and membership was opened to all. It plunged itself into the Swadeshi Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1921. In 1952, the name was changed into ‘Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce’, which was ultimately changed to “Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry” in 2016, to re-affirm and reflect its focus on trade, commerce & industry.

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