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We, at GIBF, help businessmen or business associates find the right sources to promote their business on a global platform. We introduce them to different business groups on social media, thus helping them create a global business network. All of this shall be done free of charge.

Sr.No. Company Name Sector City/State Country
579 Nano Energy India Service Mumbai India
580 Cycle world Automobile pune India
581 Krisna auto part semra Bazar Automobile chennai India
582 krishvi enterprises Automobile delhi India
583 DCM MOTORS Automobile delhi India
584 Narang Investment and Insurance Solutions Finance chennai India
585 EVCSAPandTelangana Automobile nagpue India
586 Search Point Gps Tracking System Manufacturing pune India
587 Rs fruit FMCG Khandar Afganistan
588 King Khan Ltd FMCG Khandar Afganistan
589 Shams Rufoq Saffron Agri and Livestock Co Manufacturing Herat Afganistan
590 Planetary Educational Services education Haryana India
591 Srushti Security and Solution Service Nasik Maharshtra India
592 SCJ ENTERTAINMENTS Entertainment Mumbai India
593 NEXUS INFOSYS Information Technologi Mumbai India
594 Stanas Trade International Import and Export Altanta Gorgia
595 BackYardServices Service Monroe United state
596 Omaid Bahar Fruit Processing Ltd FMCG Afganistan Afganistan
597 Radha Madhav Surfactans Manufacturing surat India
598 Mane Indi pvtltd Health mumbai India
599 Muthra Home Decord Construction mumbai India
600 Akash Pacjk Tech Logistics punducherry India
601 MilIndia Pvtltd Manufacturing Noida India
602 newways enterprise Plastic Surrendranagar India
603 STSPL Import and Export Mumbai India
604 Ravi World Wide pharmacutical delhi India
606 Mustafa Sultan Zada Ltd FMCG Afganistan Afganistan
607 Nawi Habib Zada Ltd FMCG Afganistan Afganistan
608 Staars Construction coimbatoor India
609 Warrior Power Systems Power coimbatoor India

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